#011 Integrate and Mentor

This time we talked about the Integrate and Mentor stages. The time in nature, where everything slows down and it’s not so much about activity. In the integrate phase, we create the environment and surroundings for sustainable longterm change, and integrate the newly created patterns into the existing processes. The mentoring stage is more of a living and being the change we implemented, so that others can learn from our fully actualized improvement. We might give pointers here and there, but we don’t really teach any more. We lead by example.

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00:01:15:08 Recap
00:04:31:22 Intro Reflection Question: What does improvement mean to you?
00:10:23:18 Natural Cycle
00:12:24:01 Integrate & Mentor overview
00:13:25:25 Integrate phase
00:21:48:12 Mentor phase
00:29:12:16 Reflection from Lean Management Principles – Perspective
00:36:01:13 More reflection & story
00:38:43:02 Outlook for next time

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