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Elisabeth Demeter

Elisabeth is a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades. Having a MSc. with the specialization on Information Security brought her to the world of Quality Assurance, Security Testing and Information Security Management and a certification as ISO 27001 Information Security Manager as well as an Integral Coach and Trainer.

A quest for her life’s purpose brought her in contact with nature and the wilderness, where she gained a four-year certificate as Wilderness Trainer, as well as participating in various immersion experiences, the longest being 2 months in the wilderness of Wisconsin. Now she uses all of her experience as well as her interest in marketing, storytelling, human- and nature-connection, and her overall drive to continually improve, to help people with a powerful message create more impact.

Her calm and open presence allows people to really take a step to the side and go deep into listening to their own inner voice and wisdom. Curiosity and courage have been her guiding lights also in her path as a writer. To unwind, she loves to dance.

Aman Kohli

Aman is a Mechanical Engineer and a MBA with specialization in Sales & Marketing. He has served various well reputed organizations during this corporate tenure of over 20 years primarily in the field of Quality Management, Business Consulting and Training. He is also a certified ISO 9000 Lead Auditor, a Six Sigma Black Belt and a COPC registered coordinator.

Over the last few years, Aman has been empowering lives and unlocking human potential through conducting training, workshops and seminars. He has trained people from various industries including manufacturing & service sector in the field of quality management and soft skills. He brings in a unique combination of left and right brain. His down to earth behavior coupled with his extrovert temperament goes down well with people at all levels. He is a proficient worker, a good orator and an energetic, innovative and a creative professional.

Aman is also passionate about health and fitness and loves cycling, running and regularly practices yoga and meditation. In his spare time, he loves to draw, paint and write.

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