#012 Bringing it all together

This time we talked about pitfalls of not following the Phases of the improvement processes of both Lean and the natural cycles, bringing the two approaches closer together, comparing the similarities. It also showed that all the phases are so intricately connected that none of them can be left out.

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00:00:12:26 Intro: What kind of animal or plant do you feel most drawn to? And what was our experience with them?
00:06:42:07 Lean: what’s missing if we miss a step?
00:13:21:00 Comparison Lean vs Natural cycle
00:14:21:15 Natural cycle: intro/recap
00:15:17:15 Natural cycle: what’s missing if we miss a step?
00:29:49:06 Reflections
00:33:46:14 Next steps

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