#007 Natural cycles of Improvement

We looked at natural cycles like the daily, monthly and yearly cycle and how those different phases and energies can help us in structuring our improvement processes. We looked a little at the 8 shields framework, Permaculture and Dragon Dreaming as an inspiration. Then we compared it to the current corporate process improvement frameworks, both their similarities, and how they differ from each other.

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00:17:09 Intro
01:39:16 Recap
04:13:11 Why Nature’s cycles can help in project management and continuous improvement
07:12:28 Roots and Inspiration; How natural cycles flow
09:16:18 Structure of Nature’s cycles adapted to continuous improvement
13:00:05 Inspiration from Permaculture
16:19:18 Natural cycles from the process improvement perspective – compared to PDCA
21:26:15 COPQ – cost of poor quality
23:30:20 Nature-reflection on PDCA
24:59:29 all stages of the cycle are equally important
28:25:19 outlook for next calls

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