#003 How do we track progress

What does a team charter looks like? What does the ‘Measure’ phase of the improvement imitative? Where is a metric identified to track progress? How does the need for a robust ‘data collection plan’ look like? How do we ensure ‘data integrity’? What is the “operational definition’ of the metric being used to track progress?

Nature aspects: Where can reference points during different times can help track progress and understand trends?

00:00:00 Start, gratitude
02:46:22 Recap
05:40:09 Project Charta
08:04:22 Measure Phase: tracking progress & aspects of data collection in the corporate aspect
13:05:26 Tracking progress in the personal aspects of improvement
15:52:21 Tracking progress in nature
21:24:20 Non-linea progress
23:25:07 Reflections
25:18:15 Outlook for next call

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