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of Your Inner Power and Inspiration

Online Program for using Nature’s Wisdom to be happy, healthy and whole

Build the Basis for your Natural FLOW!

So often we focus on getting things done. We focus on checking off items on our list so that we can breathe for a second, only to have to dive back into work. If we're in that spiral, we can easily lose sight of what made us choose that work in the first place. Or we distract ourselves with work, because we're too scared to admit that we've been running circles in the roundabout instead of finally taking an exit.

But at the core we know, that we

  • feel frustrated and stuck
  • can't see a solution that we're really happy with
  • get the nagging feeling that our brain is like a broken record, not telling us anything new
  • need a new approach because what we've done so far hasn't gotten us anywhere

What if we told you that there is a way to get out of your head and find your truly personal direction that feels good for your whole being?

Discover the Source of Your Inner Power and Inspiration!

Take the time to go back and find the source of the wonderful river that is your Natural FLOW. Figure out, why you seem to go into the wrong direction, why the stream is only trickling, or why it seems to be flowing in all directions.

In this online program we will help you with regular video calls, nature exercises, additional readings and support material, e-mail support between the calls, and overall a safe space for your true nature to show him/herself.

In this program you will...

Calm Down

You will experience how it is when the chaos in your head calms down to your natural baseline.

Find your Inner Truth and Clarity

You will learn to hear your OWN voice and listen to it. 

See Nature in a new Light

You will learn to see wild nature with new eyes. See the beauty, and how it can be a great teacher.

Get answers

You will open up to receive answers to your innermost questions.

Define your Next Steps

You will see clearly what your next steps need to be and figure out an action plan to walk them.

You will be guided in a well-defined process, inspired by natural cycles and supported by powerful exercises in nature.

Stepping into your Natural FLOW

Before you start the journey, you can (if you haven't done so already) take our quiz to see what might be interrupting your Natural FLOW:

What people shared about the quiz:

J. Patgiri

Wow. This was spot on!!. So accurate. Yes it's very much me.

V. Sood

The quiz is very intelligent. I got the same response both times I took the assessment.

M. Bhatia

Found it very informative & useful.

The 8 week online program includes...

  • weekly online video calls with either Aman, Elisabeth or both of them
  • additional exercises and ressources to go deeper during the week
  • e-mail support during the whole program


Module 1: Calm down & Listen to your heartvoice

Connecting with nature, and being in nature is the ideal support system for our system to calm down, so that we can learn how we can listen and hear our heartvoice.

In this module we will focus on building a base to be a good "receiver" for our clear answers. And yes, you will have to go outside for that!


Module 2: Connect to your inner child & inspiration

The openness and playfulness of children, as well as your inner child that is most of the time hidden somewhere, is your channel to inspiration. It will allow you to connect to your dreams and your essence.

Be prepared to go out and play in this module. We won’t just think about our past, but start to rekindle that same energy in our adult lives.


Module 3: Let go of your thought boundaries

After we have reconnected to our playfulness and child that is without boundaries, we can focus on identifying the boundaries in our head that are preventing us from thinking in certain directions. This can be things like “Doing this I can’t make a living”, “My parents/society won’t approve of that” or “I will never be able to do this”.

In this module, we will be focusing on letting go of some of these thought boundaries and patterns that are holding you back.


Module 4: Define your values

Our values allow us to make quicker decisions when it comes to taking on new projects, a new job or basically any kind of activity. Knowing, for example, that one of your highest value is being honest, and you will need to work with someone that you feel you can’t be honest with, it’s pretty certain that you won’t be happy going that direction.

We might have more than a few values, but it’s important to figure out our 3-5 most important ones, in order for them to be a good guide for our decisions. So in this module, we will clarify your most important values so you can make truly aligned decisions.


Module 5: Connect with your core motivation & purpose

When we want to bring something into the world that is dear to us and that we truly want to be a success, it is important to consider all the aspects and steps of the process.

Most of the time, the focus is on WHAT to do, HOW to do it and maybe even WHO it is for. And those are important aspects. But our life can only be 100% fulfilling, if it is solidly based on WHY you want to do things. With this why, it is easier to then connect on what your whole system actually wants to bring into this world, so that there won't be so many inner blocks and resistances that make your life harder than it needs to be.

In this module we will clarify your WHY in one clear sentence and combine it with your values, so you have a good inner guidance system that helps you decide faster and more aligned with what is truly important to you.


Module 6: Find the right questions

Einstein once said that if he were faced with a problem, and only had an hour to find the solution, he would spend 55 min on finding the right question, and 5 minutes for the solution. Our system is designed to find answers to the questions we pose. It’s bound to happen that we will. That’s why it’s a lot more important to figure out the questions that will guide us in the right direction for the answer that will be the most helpful.

Asking yourself “Why am I here?” compared to “How can I best shine my light into the world?” will lead to different actions and therefore very different results.

In this module we will work on figuring out the most important questions you need to ask yourself right now.


Module 7: Embrace the here and now

We can only start our journey when we know where we start from. Any plan, any preparation is useless, if we don’t consider the here and now. With all the knowledge we now have of what is feeding our source, we now need to bring all of those puzzle pieces together, to figure out our next steps.

In this module, we will bring it all together. How can we use all that you learned about yourself so far to see and accept where you are right now. And we will work on the next steps that would be most beneficial to transform your life.


Module 8: Allow flow to happen

In addition to knowing our next steps, it’s also important to look at our surroundings. How can we create or find an environment that is most supportive of those very critical next steps? Having a supportive setting helps to support you to allow natural flow to happen. It is about as important as doing the actual steps.

In this module we will take the defined next steps and work on the fears and other obstacles that might have come up for you to get going.


Now it’s time to see what's all in there!

Aside from the Module's overall structure, you will get extra value with our pilot program

Feature 1
Very personal & tailor-made Support

Since we are still perfecting the program, we will make especially sure that you are ideally guided through your process and that you get all the additional support you might need.

We will focus exactly on where you are right now, and create tailor-made input and supporting exercises that fit ideally to your current situation.

Feature 2
Workbook & Activities

For the whole process, you will get a workbook to track your progress, work through your questions, and share your reflections.

This workbook will give you specific instructions, and will help you keep an overview on what you learned.

Feature 3
Space for Co-creation

You will be a big part of shaping our program. The feedback you provide will flow into the next cycle of the offer. And you will also get free access to the improved versions after your program is over.

About your Guides,
Elisabeth Demeter

Elisabeth is a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades. Having a MSc. with the specialization on Information Security brought her to the world of Quality Assurance, Security Testing and Information Security Management.

A quest for her life’s purpose brought her in contact with nature and the wilderness, where she gained a four-year certificate as Wilderness Trainer, as well as participating in various immersion experiences, the longest being 2 months in the wilderness of Wisconsin. Now she uses all of her experience as well as her interest in marketing, storytelling, human- and nature-connection, and her overall drive to continually improve, to help people with a powerful message create more impact.

Her calm and open presence allows people to really take a step to the side and go deep into listening to their own inner voice and wisdom. Curiosity and courage have been her guiding lights also in her path as a writer. To unwind, she loves to dance.

Aman Kohli

Aman is a Mechanical Engineer and a MBA with specialization in Sales & Marketing. He has served various well reputed organizations during this corporate tenure of over 20 years primarily in the field of Quality Management, Business Consulting and Training.

Over the last few years, Aman has been empowering lives and unlocking human potential through conducting training, workshops and seminars. He has trained people from various industries including manufacturing & service sector in the field of quality management and soft skills. He brings in a unique combination of left and right brain. His down to earth behavior coupled with his extrovert temperament goes down well with people at all levels. He is a proficient worker, a good orator and an energetic, innovative and a creative professional.

Aman is also passionate about health and fitness and loves cycling, running and regularly practices yoga and meditation. In his spare time, he loves to draw, paint and write.

Here’s what others are saying about Elisabeth and Aman



holding up nature spirit

Elisabeth guided all the processes with love, active listening, holding up her nature spirit. This way I was able to connect with my “truth”, dare to embrace my fears and transform illusions into actual practical steps to start the life I want to live.

Jo F.

Sr. Executive

change needs to happen

Aman's stance that change needs to happen - and leading the team in coordiation - is tremendous.

Annette Baubin

Nature connection Facilitator

continuous enrichment

I got to know the collaboration with Elisabeth as continuous enrichment, because she finds tailor-made solutions for all my problems. The quality of her good listening is simply priceless! Through that, a lot of my obstacles disappeared, and I am grateful for her talent as copywriter that she shared with me.

Are you ready to tap into the Source of your Inner Power and Inspiration?

Every Decision you make either brings you closer to your personal genius, or further away. And a lot of times, we are afraid to make the wrong decision, so we don't do anything, hoping for some magical thing to happen. But we are the masters of our own lives. We simply need to remember!

If we reconnect with our core, our source, then new energy and inspiration can flow from it. Tapping into that source, we make sure there is a never-ending stream of hope, joy, excitement, optimism and trust, that we can truly create a fulfilled life, where we feel happy, healthy and whole.

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Our main goal is to support you in your process to uncover and tap your source of happiness and fulfillment. This cannot happen over night. But we are here for you. If there are any grievances you have with our program, any problems, any challenges, you simply have to tell us, and we will do our best to make sure to offer the best support we can. The way in which we offer this program is not set in stone. The modalities can be changed/adapted, as well as the time frames of our calls or the way we work through them. However you work best in your process - we will make sure to provide the best support and guidance.

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Starting something new is scary...

Going into the process of really looking what fulfills you and makes you happy can be scary. Especially the first few steps. We have perfected to push aside the painful topics in our lives, and live in quiet desperation, instead of taking the courage to stare it in the face. And most of the time, it's actually not as scary as we have made it to be. And we'd love to be there for you and support you in that journey!

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