1. Organizer

Elisabeth Demeter, Kalvarienbergstrasse 17, 7100 Neusiedl am See, Austria

Aman Kohli, India

2. Services

The scopes of services of the respective events and programs are recorded in the corresponding descriptions.

When carrying out the events offered by the organizer, we reserve the right to make changes and deviations to individual services even after the contract has been concluded, as long as these changes or deviations are not significant and do not decisively change or impair the general theme of the booked event or program. Additional agreements and changes to the services and costs specified in the respective offer due to the wishes of the client require confirmation by the organizer.

3. Conclusion of contract

By registering, the participant offers the organizer to conclude a contract for participation in an event or program.

Registration can be made verbally, by telephone, via the Internet or in writing (also informally).

Special requests and registrations that are subject to conditions require the written consent of the organizer (e.g. e-mail). The contract comes into effect with acceptance by the organizer, whereby this does not require any particular form. By registering, the client acknowledges that he/she is responsible for his/her own actions within the framework of the event or program and their consequences. If the client is not the participant, it is the client’s responsibility to pass on this acknowledgement to the person(s) concerned.

4. Duty to cooperate

At events with children and young people, the duty of supervision always remains with the persons accompanying the group. The organizer is only responsible for the course of the event or program. Any further supervisory duties over children and youth groups require prior agreement.

5. Liability

Participants are obliged to follow the safety instructions of the organizer or the respective program leader. By registering, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own actions during the event or program and their consequences. Should you be confronted with health risks, please inform the organizer in good time.

6. Confirmation of registration, terms of payment

The invoice is the confirmation of registration for an event or program. After receipt of the invoice, the full invoice amount must be paid to the organizer within 14 days, but at least 3 days before the start of the event or program. Receipt by the organizer is decisive for the timeliness of payment.

We accept the following convenient payment methods:

7. Minors participants

In the case of minors, the registration must be signed by the parent or legal guardian. In the case of children not accompanied by adults, the legal guardians are obliged to inform the seminar or program management in writing of any health restrictions (e.g. allergies, etc.). With their signature, the legal guardians confirm that the child is able to participate in the event. Any deviations must be made known to the seminar management and clarified.

If the children are accompanied by adults, the management of the event or program is released from the supervisory duty of these children. Thus, the adults / legal guardians are responsible for the supervision.

Gross negligence of the child (repeated disregard of safety instructions, deliberate infliction of damage) will have the consequence of being excluded from the event or program.

8. Stimulants & Distractions

Since the in-person events of the organizer are about consciously engaging in the experience, certain stimulants and distractions are prohibited at our events and programs except by explicit permission. This is necessary mainly because some things, substances and actions influence this conscious experience and lead to the fact that the desired effect of the offer can not unfold or is made more difficult.

These include: Drugs, alcohol, portable computer games, and cell phones within group times.

Any deviation from this must be clarified with the seminar management.

Online programs are excluded from this restriction, but we still recommend limiting or stopping these stimulants or distractions during the period of the program.

9. Cost of events, recreational and vacation activities

Material costs may be incurred when attending the events. These material costs must be paid by all participants themselves – unless otherwise stated. These include, for example: Travel costs, accommodation, meals, various materials and admissions. These material costs can vary greatly depending on the event.

There may also be costs for supervision or assistance.

10. Cancellation policy

A cancellation must be declared in writing to the organizer. The date of receipt of the cancellation by the organizer is decisive. If a participant withdraws from the event contract, the organizer can demand compensation for the preparations made and for its expenses already incurred. The organizer can make a lump-sum payment for this compensation as follows:

  • Cancellation up to 20 days before the start of the event or program: free of charge
  • Cancellation up to 10 days before the start of the event or program: 50% of the participation fee
  • Cancellation 10 days or more before the start of the event or program: 100% of the participation fee (this also applies in the case of agreed partial payment).

The cancellation fee is waived if the participant nominates a substitute participant who corresponds to the target group, attends the event after clarification with the event or program management and pays the participation fee. However, the original participant remains liable for the course costs.

11. Force majeure

If the event is considerably impeded, endangered or impaired as a result of force majeure unforeseeable at the time the contract was concluded, both the organizer and the participant may terminate the event contract. If the contract is terminated, the organizer may demand reasonable compensation for services already rendered.

Covid-19 Extension

If you live in a country where regulations due to the Covid pandemic prevent you from traveling to the country where the event is being held, the registration fee for the aspect of the seminar held in that country will be refunded in full unless otherwise individually stated in the event.

12. Rights of use

The drafts, ideas and concepts prepared and presented by the organizer are the intellectual property of the organizer or of the respective seminar/program leader (depending on the originator) and may not be used or implemented – not even in part – without express permission.

13. Data Privacy

Collection and electronic processing of all personal data is carried out in accordance with the legal data protection regulations. Only personal data that is necessary to ensure participation and accounting use is collected. Details are recorded in the privacy policy.

14. Photo usage right

At all our events, it happens that someone will photograph and / or film the action. For publication of photos, an extra consent per participant is obtained, which can be revoked at any time.

15. Severability clause

Should one or more provisions of these contractual terms and conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

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