We strongly believe that with openness, courage, and dedication, we can rediscover and realign with our true, authentic core essence to get into a natural flow. In that state, there might still be hardships and challenges in our lives, but we intuitively feel the flow of our energy and inner authority and can easefully stay in that state of being or know how to get back to it quickly.

When we let go of all of what doesn’t actually serve us, even though we might think it does (beliefs, people, surroundings, routines, “luxuries”, things, certain food), we can step by step not only feel better in our own bodies. We can feel more like our true selves, stronger and more self-efficacious, but we also release more power and energy that we can use to grow beyond what we thought possible.

We also strongly believe that we cannot go on this journey alone as a one-person-island. That we cannot hide and fight for ourselves any longer, but need to do it in community with others and our surroundings as mirrors of ourselves.

So what is it that we can do about it?

The most important skill that we can learn in these ever-changing times, is to truly see the things, people and beings that surround us for what and who they are. We need to really look, observe, without judgement of good or bad, without preconceived opinions, what it really is. Without seeing everything around us as a threat. We believe, that in order to get to know our core essence, we need to re-learn openness and dedication in order to see, observe, hear, listen, become aware, feel, and have the courage to be seen.

For such a long time we have used being busy as a distraction to not look closer to what we need or need to do. In a way it was like a headless chicken running around. But what we learned is, that it doesn’t matter, WHAT we do, but HOW we do it. That “slowing down” is not about standing still, but about learning to consciously observe and listen – WHILE we do something and are present with that action.

With these lines we address all those of us, that have a feeling of being driven or pushed by someone or something. Pushed by the idea that something needs to be faster or better as it is now. Pushed by fears, that our voices and contributions don’t have value, that we can’t fulfil other’s expectations and will therefore be shut out of the group we so desperately feel like we need to belong to. That we can’t be part of something, because we’re not good enough.

But we need to remember, that we ARE worthy of love and belonging!

That’s why we create spaces for all of those ideas and fears to look at them more closely. To see what they are doing to us, how they influence our lives, and what actually happens if we face them.

We dream of a world, where we are all seen with our gifts and talents and can see others with theirs. Where we can be of service to others simply by living our purpose. Where we feel part of that natural cycle and FLOW that is life. A world, where we feel strong again, to face our challenges, because we know, that we are not alone.

A world, where we never really feel alone, because we know that every living being around us is our ally and we can feel the relationship and connection to them. No matter if we label them as our friend, our adversary or our victim. Because deep down we feel a trust and security, that we play our role in the circle of life, and that this role is just as important as all the other’s, and that we are all here to support each other on our way. Even if it’s not always easy to admit it.

Are you ready to truly be YOU and step into the FLOW?

Then come and sign up to our waiting list to join our community!

Or do you believe that the situation is so stuck, that nothing can ever change anyway? That the others will never change, no matter what you do? Do you believe, that there is no solution for your problem and that it’s all hopeless?

Or do you maybe believe, that it will somehow work out if you just continue what you’re doing? Do you hope or believe, that you can change something on the surface and maybe it’ll be enough? -well, you’re in good company.

We had been hoping that for such a long time while deep down we knew that a more foundational, deep change in our lives was necessary. That is scary! And not always fun.

But it’s always worth it to feel more alive and more like yourself.

So we invite you to:

Rewild yourself, rewild your work, rewild your life!

And get on our waiting list to step into the Natural FLOW community!

We all know that there are rivers that have been straightened out to not be so much in the way. They flow faster, but are also much more prone to flooding (can’t regulate themselves under stress), and are not really a healthy environment for life to flourish. And most of the time, they’re not even that nice to look at and enjoy any more. Others are so cluttered that they barely flow at all. They build puddles or maybe ponds, and become muddier and stale.

We instead want to support a path to remove all those barriers or that clutter, so that your essence can take the path that is in full alignment with your Self, your purpose and everything around you.

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