#008 Observe and Envision

When looking at the natural cycle, at the time before dawn and when the sun rises. That’s the kind of energy that we need to incorporate in the Observe and Envision phase.

This call we talked about that it’s important to first take time to observe where you are and envision where you want to go. There are also helpful exercises for each phase from nature connection practices, and another tool from Lean as well.

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00:00:11:11 Welcome & Gratitude
00:03:50:24 Recap & Intro
00:10:30:23 Recap Nature’s cycle of Improvement
00:11:58:19 Observe
00:14:00:34 Exercise to train observation skills
00:17:02:20 Story from wilderness experience
00:18:43:29 Envision
00:22:25:35 Exercise: Envisioning
00:24:04:26 Story: when you can’t really envision..
00:26:07:30 Reflection from Lean perspective: Observe
00:27:39:38 Tool 5W&1H
00:29:11:11 Reflection from Lean perspective: Envision
00:31:58:12 Thoughts on combining Lean and Nature
00:32:50:20 Outlook for next time

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