#006 Sustain/Control Phase

In this call, we talk about the last phase of the continuous improvement phase, the sustain or control phase. How reflecting on what went well, and what can be improved, as well as celebrating the success is a vital part of the process. How nature provides an environment that helps us sustain an improvement, and how we can create this supportive environment also in our daily lives.

In the Q&A section we talked about why nature can support us in the improvement process, and how it is or isn’t connected to survival of the fittest.

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00:12:12 Intro
01:08:20 Recap
07:39:08 coroporate perspective of control phase
10:46:13 benefits for personal improvements
12:25:25 benefits for corporations
14:13:00 how sustain phase happens in nature
17:22:21 how we can use that in our personal lives
18:20:03 view on culture and rituals
21:24:02 how plants handle that phase
22:41:03 Elisabeth’s wilderness experience
23:36:14 Reflections
25:34:26 Q&A: what synergies can you draw upon the improvement process with the nature aspect
30:35:17 Q&A: only humans have free will, so how animals can improve without it. is it then still improvement or survival of the fittest?
36:25:10 Outlook for next calls

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