What if we could design our life and work in a way that we easily get the things done that really-really need to get done in order to bring us closer to our vision, while at the same time also creating the space for us to do the things that fall through the cracks in our current busy lives? The things that are important, but not urgent. Like sitting by the beach and watching the waves. Or taking the time to eat healthy and exercise.

Our current civilized surroundings are not providing an ideal structure that is supporting us to fall into a natural flow of growing, improving and building a better life. A flow that works without excessive outside pressure, but with enough structure and guidance to constantly grow.

Through bringing together the structure of continuous improvement principles used in Lean Manufacturing/Lean Thinking, and several organic and circular principles of Nature, we have set out to explore the possibilities of this combined approach, in order to find an answer to this big question.

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