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The Perfectionist

You follow the idea that only perfect is good enough so you strive to make something or someone (including yourself) better and better. Over the span of your lifetime, you have learned and trained a lot, and bring a lot of value to the people around you. You are a stickler for details and thrive on challenges.

But because almost anything is ever really good enough for you, you keep on running, chasing that illusion of perfect, getting burnt out, and missing all the wonderfully imperfect things about life. And you might not even have noticed that you were sprinting in the wrong direction.

Suggested next steps

Because of your tendency to get lost in details and wanting to do a good job, you run the risk of losing your connection to what’s truly important to you. So in order to recharge your batteries, you need to slow down once in a while. Take some time off and go out into nature. Don’t DO anything. Just be there, observe and enjoy what is right in front of you. Ask yourself: “What is it that would be good for me right now?” It might even be, that you simply go to sleep. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the day, the evening or, two hours after getting up in the morning.

After you’ve taken some time to slow down, new ideas of what you want to do, what brings you joy, could simply pop into your head out of the blue. Allow yourself to dream! Make it big and juicy! Let all ideas of what is possible, allowed or accepted behind you and become like a child again. Play in the dirt or roll around in the grass. Ignore the voice in your head telling you that that’s silly. Just ask your inner child what they want to do, and do it.

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