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The Devoted

Your main joy and focus in life is to be of service to others. You are truly devoted to the people around you. An asset that every community seeks and appreciates. You are very empathic towards the needs of others, and you step up right away and offer your help whenever there is a call for it.

This focus on everyone around you might leave you with a sense of emptiness for your own needs. Your own desires. It might even bring up the question of “What is it that I actually want?” In your strive to feel connected to others, you have lost your connection to yourself.

Suggested next steps

Your main worry is other people, so your big challenge is to actually do something for yourself. Allow yourself to be a selfish jerk! That might sound harsh, but you need to let go of the judgement you put on doing something for yourself. It is actually not at all a selfish act at all. Self-care is instead an act of compassion.

If you focus too much on what others need, you might not even know any more, what it is that you yourself need. So take the time to really listen. Do you need a long, warm bath? Or a walk in nature? Or to read a book just for entertainment?

Getting into connection and relationship with your own needs might however also open up some old wounds that you have ignored in the past. You might simply have numbed yourself and went on to be there for others. And this is an important trait in a crisis. But when the crisis is over, it is time to let your nervous system integrate what happened. To allow yourself to connect with your dreams and what you truly want and need. Refuel and reconnect with your power source.

Don’t risk burnout. It’s not worth it!

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