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The Curious One

You love doing and trying out new things. You have strong vision of what you want and what your values are, and you know how to act on them. You are great at connecting different disciplines and finding new and innovative ways to approach problems.

You are constantly learning and improving, but never really go beyond a certain level of depth. Your challenge is to truly commit to something in the long-term, worried that you might miss out on something exciting and new.

Suggested next steps

Since you tend to follow your excitement, and might even have small addiction to the kick that you get, starting something new, it might be time for you to pick one thing and go deeper. To truly commit means to stick with it, even if it feels like hard work. Sometimes you might even question if it’s the right path at all and you should simply move on. But you will never find out, if there was something more to it, if you never give it a chance. In this situation, it is important to remind yourself, why you started in the first place. What is the core driver behind all those efforts? And will the outcome have been worth it?

You might feel like you’re constantly hitting a wall. You see all the other people who seem happier, more successful, stronger, etc. and might feel drawn to give up. In these situations, you can go into a conversation with all the different thoughts and fears that are coming up. Whenever you notice a wall, observe what is coming up, and explore deeper into what feelings are actually behind it. Get to know your resistances and stumbling blocks as if they were a friend you want to get to know really well.

But don’t let those feelings control you. Just observe, accept them, thank these thoughts and feelings, and tell them that you’ll go on anyway.

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