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The Creative

You look at life as full of possibilities and beauty. Your approach to any situation, problem or challenge is somewhat chaotic, but trusting. Deep down you know there will be a solution that might not be apparent yet. You are very open to trying out new things, but also have clear boundaries of what is or isn’t acceptable to you. Whatever you choose to do needs to be within your values.

Most of the time, your approach works just fine, as long as you are patient and trust in the process. Sometimes however, complacency sets in, clouding your judgement as to when it might actually be time for you to get off your ass and act.

Suggested next steps

Because of your tendency to dream and paint pictures in your head, you stay in that safe space of not trying out if your visions are actually possible. It is very scary to put yourself out there, to test if reality can be on par with what you envisioned. And the only way to find out is to go through it. To simply test it out. Maybe find someone to do it with you in order to circumvent the thoughts and worries coming up.

You can train this skill by doing small things every day. Here is just a small list of ideas you can choose from:

  • Tell a friend you’ll do it and to check up on you at a set date and time
  • Post it on social media (to feel like you need to be accountable)
  • Do the above mentioned with very small things in the beginning. Like
    • I’ll do 5 push-ups today
    • I won’t eat any sugar today
    • I will send that e-mail to my friend, asking to help out
  • If it works, increase the time frame to a week or a month
  • Do something you have never done before
  • Do something different than you usually do. Like
    • Eat with your non-dominant hand
    • Buy a different brand of some food
    • Take a cold shower

With these small acts, you can train your system over time to really act, or act faster on your impulses.

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