Find out what's holding you back!

We are the product of our actions -
both conscious and sub-conscious

Many time we subconsciously do things that cause us misery. So we maybe responsible for our own misery without knowing it. And the only way to end this self caused misery is to first understand to what extent our actions are governed by our sub conscious mind and then take conscious effort to eliminate these actions.  

The 'Karmic Assessment' process is meant to do just that.

We use your past & present facts & information to assess the extent of influence your 'sub-conscious' mind has on your actions and then suggest steps to come.

What you'll get

Discovery call

free 30 min discovery call to figure out if the Karmic Assessment is the right thing for you at the moment

2 hour 1-on-1 assessment

going deep into your life, we assess what might be holding you back.

2 hour 1-on-1  analysis and action plan

about a week after the assessment, we'll meet again to talk about what came up and how a possible action plan could look like.

(optional) join our long-term program

Our program to go deep into your stumbling blocks and turn your life around is a long-term (3 month) commitment to go deeper into the process of clearing up what's holding you back.

This is a Multi-Purpose Text Section

The 'Karmic Assessment' will be done in 2 phases. First we'll schedule a 2 hour session with you (1 on 1), where we would like to know some facts about your past and present . This may require you to travel down your memory lane and dig out information from your past life. You may feel uncomfortable answering some of the questions, which is perfectly fine and understandable. Since our assessment is based on multiple set of questions, not answering some questions will not impact the assessment greatly. But it'll certainly help if you are completely honest and transparent while taking the assessment since the quality of output will depend on the quality of the input. Needless to say all your responses shall be kept totally confidential and will not be shared without your consent. Once the assessment is done, we'll do the analysis based on the responses shared and come up with a possible action plan for you to focus on. This will be shared in detail during another 2 hour session (1 on 1 )

The Karmic assessment is not the end of it all!

In fact it's just the beginning. If after the 'karmic assessment' and 'karmic analysis' session, you feel that we can help you 'walk through' your 'karmic improvement' journey, you can continue to be associated with us by booking a 3 monthly program, where we meet each week to help you actually improve and break the old karmic patterns.

Your Karmic Assessment is waiting for you!

If any of the above resonates with you, and you would like to give it a try, please schedule a 30 min. session (1 on 1) with us to know us better, understand the approach, and see if this could work for you. This session shall be FREE of cost. If after the session, you are convinced that this is a good step to take, you can book the 'karmic assessment session' which comes at a nominal introductory price

Aman Kohli  //  Author

Aman is a Mechanical Engineer and a MBA with specialization in Sales & Marketing. He has served various well reputed organizations during this corporate tenure of over 20 years primarily in the field of Quality Management, Business Consulting and Training.

Over the last few years, Aman has been empowering lives and unlocking human potential through conducting training, workshops and seminars. He has trained people from various industries including manufacturing & service sector in the field of quality management and soft skills. He brings in a unique combination of left and right brain. His down to earth behavior coupled with his extrovert temperament goes down well with people at all levels. He is a proficient worker, a good orator and an energetic, innovative and a creative professional.

Aman is also passionate about health and fitness and loves cycling, running and regularly practices yoga and meditation. In his spare time, he loves to draw, paint and write.

Aman Kohli


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Aman Kohli

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